What We Do

Community-based Collaborative C.A.R.E.

Our Mission: Eliana's Light supports families with children who have complex medical conditions by providing a community-based collaborative approach to care that’s focused on whole health and well-being. We connect directly with families through customized gift bags, learning events, and online communications; advocate for and raise awareness on whole health, integrative, and integrated approaches to care; and exchange information and resources with caregivers, practitioners, and researchers. We help children and their caregivers feel better while we contribute to a whole health and family-centered approach to pediatrics.

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Our Vision: A local health and wellness system that supports and empowers a whole family with a child who has a complex medical condition, improving each family member’s quality of life, wellness and well-being. A “Constellation of Care” addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and financial needs of each family member through referral processes; compassionate care; advocacy; information exchange; and the use of Integrative Medicine, integrative care services, and complementary care approaches and modalities.

Our Approach: Eliana's Light takes a personalized approach while using a Policy, Systems and Environment (PSE) lens while doing our work. This way of working recognizes the reality in which these families live, work, attend school, and receive medical attention. It addresses the policies (governmental and within institutions), systems (within institutions and a community), and the environment (within institutions and a community) that affect a person's whole health and well-being. It's a "long-term approach that’s designed to make a sustained improvement in community health. A PSE approach that builds on the cultural and social assets of the community has a greater chance of success, and because of this, community engagement is essential. In turn, engagement empowers communities to take part in the process and advocate for their own health. It also fosters strategic public-private partnerships to improve the health of the community." (source)

Whole Health

Whole Health

Integrative Care

Integrative Care

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach


This is how we c.a.r.e.

  • Connect: We connect to families where they are through our Eliana’s Light Constellation Kits, learning events, tip sheets, and communications channels. We also connect families to resources, specialists, other organizations, and information that can help reduce their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or financial stress. We build trusting, compassionate relationships with them through our shared humanity while we develop “Constellations of C.A.R.E.” through the collaborative community service activities we organize.

  • Advocate: We advocate for Integrative Medicine (IM) and integrative care services within pediatric medical facilities and as part of standard medical care, therapy programming and research initiatives. For example, we collaborate with hospital staff and with physical, occupational, feeding, and speech/language therapists on ways to incorporate mindfulness and integrative care services into their programming.

  • Raise Awareness: We raise awareness on whole health and related programming, approaches and strategies that help reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and fear, especially in regards to medical care and treatments.

  • Exchange: We serve on various advisory committees and manage one directly in order to exchange information and resources with local specialists in areas relevant to our mission.

We C.A.R.E. alongside collaborators, together forming Constellations of CA.R.E. in a community for families with children who have a complex medical condition. We stay with a family in friendship for as long as they'd like to stay connected to Eliana's Light. When the family's needs change, we help guide them to other support services that are relevant to their new needs. We do not provide technical expertise directly; we instead help connect caregivers to experts who are part of Constellations of C.A.R.E. within our communities.

Eliana’s Light brings much-needed support to those who are critically ill, and those who are stressed or tired from being a caregiver, through services and therapies that align with true health. The World Health Organization states that “health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Complementary approaches have this definition as their core expression. I am grateful that the mission of Eliana’s Light is to offer gifts of healing to so many in such a difficult and draining time.
— Winn Sams, Doctor of Chiropractic

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What Are Eliana's Light's Goals for 2019?

We invite your engagement and collaboration in 2019 as we:

  • bring more integrative care services and a whole health approach to care to more families in DC, Maryland, and Virginia while connecting them to essential resources, information, and specialists that can support them.

  • raise awareness on and enhance understanding in integrative care services and holistic health care approaches that facilitate, support and promote whole health.

  • connect to collaborators that want to work synergistically with us to build an evidence base of effective integrative care approaches for children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers.