Why Focus On Whole Health?

We recognize the need to focus on the body, mind, and spirit in order to improve health, wellness, and well-being. Through a whole health approach, quality of life can increase. Families with children who have complex medical conditions often experience significant stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Many of these children often endure long and frequent hospitalizations, painful and traumatic procedures, and scary discussions. Caregivers and siblings of children with complex medical conditions are often stressed, scared, and exhausted. Each member of this family can experience medical trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), toxic and chronic stress; and feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and desperation. Some of these families also live in high stress environments in which the children have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) beyond their medical trauma. Stress -- especially constant stress and stress that is compounded by pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression – can make existing conditions worse and cause new conditions to form.

Families are searching for additional support when they find that medicine and medical treatments alone are not fully addressing the needs of their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

We’ve been there. As parents of a child who had a complex medical condition, the founders of Eliana’s Light know intimately what children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers go through. The medical, integrative, and complementary care staff members and other caregivers collaborating with Eliana's Light want to relieve these children's and their family members' suffering, improve their quality of life, and make their life experience easier. Please click the hyperlinks to learn more about the founders and others involved in Eliana’s Light.

There are complementary and integrative care service providers available and interested in helping children and their caregivers in local communities…they often though are not connected to a local hospital or the families that can benefit from their help.

Complementary and integrative health care services also tend to be too expensive for many families to afford, as most insurance companies do not yet cover them. Many medical facilities also do not yet offer significant integrative care services or have an Integrative Medicine (IM) program. We want to make integrative care services more accessible as part of our effort to improve the whole health of a family and its members. We believe in the importance of necessary medicine and medical procedures—complementary health care and integrative care services work alongside standard medical practice. Click here to access a contact list of some integrative care service providers and locations in the Washington, DC area. Click here to read our Mission and Vision statements, and also about the Policy, Systems and Environment approach we take.

Please click here to apply for support if you are a caregiver of a child with a complex medical condition, or if you are a medical practitioner or complementary/integrative care service provider applying on behalf of a family. We invite you to visit our Resources page for additional information.