With their permission, we are sharing below some reflections from individuals who have engaged with Eliana's Light in some way. They are mothers of children with complex medical conditions, members of our board and advisory committee, and participants in our community. All of them are connected by the shared desire to relieve suffering, and to make the every day life experience one of love and comfort. We are so grateful to all who donate, volunteer, and otherwise contribute to our shared vision and mission. You are making a positive difference in others' lives.


A family that received support through Eliana's Light


Kierce and Amari are brothers who love to play video games, do puzzles, and read about animals. They both are on the Autism Spectrum and have other medical conditions as well. Having to visit multiple specialists each week, who are located at 3 different medical centers, is stressful, exhausting, and draining on everyone. They and their mom find stress relief in a few rare quiet moments at home, distraction toys during medical procedures, and funds to cover some basic needs. Thank you to all who donated so we could give them a tailored gift package and become part of their Constellation of Care.

Mom: “Having two special needs children can be strenuous and financially daunting especially with no family support. Eliana’s Light provided many resources and tools to help my family’s situation. Our situation has been less stressful since we received assistance from them. We hope one day to pass the favor along and be a blessing in someone else’s life the way Elianas Light was a blessing in ours.” 

A Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Nurse Practitioner at Children’s National Medical Center

“Eliana’s Light is filling many gaps throughout our health care system. It’s also giving a net to families when they go home after discharge. The accompaniment helps them feel they're not going to fall off a cliff.”

A mom whose family received support through Eliana's Light

"Overnight, my life changed--my dreams, my expectations, my hopes -- all shattered when my baby boy was born extremely premature at 24 weeks. No one could've prepared me for the rollarcoaster ride of his first year of life; over 230 days of hospitalization, numerous surgeries, countless ER visits and all the other medical challenges, including almost losing him on numerous occasions, that resulted from his early birth. The support I have received from Eliana's Light has been a godsend. Compassionate, reliable, and an enormous source of strength and hope. The organization has provided me with helpful and practical tools to manage my stress, fears and anxiety, and the daily emotional pressures that come with caring for my son. Sometimes it takes a person who's been there to truly help you get through the dark days."

Dr. Maria Luz Lara-Marquez, MD, PhD, Allergist & Immunologist, Integrative Medicine Specialist, San Diego, CA; member of our Advisory Committee

"I support this extraordinary initiative from patients to patients, raising awareness in the physician and other medical providers on the importance of the Integrative Medicine approaches to heal our patients. Eliana's story is an inspiration to all caregivers and health care providers."

Miriam, a mom whose family received support through Eliana's Light


"Gracias, Eliana's Light, por preocuparse por nosotros y siempre tomarnos en cuenta. Quiero agradecerles infinitamente por todo lo que estan haciendo por nosotros y en principal por mi nina. Gracias por los regalos que le trajo que van a ser muy util para ella y para nosotros." ("Thank you, Eliana's Light, for concerning yourselves about us and always keeping us in mind. We want to thank you infinitely for all you are doing for us, and especially for our daughter. Thank you for the gifts you brought her, which are going to be very useful for us."). Miriam, mom of Rocio. Rocio is 2 years old and has epilepsy, a G-Tube for eating, and hearing and vision challenges. She has been hospitalized 8 times since birth. Miriam shared with us the significant emotional and financial stress the family has experienced--and also the unwavering love and commitment she and her husband have for Rocio. Donations enabled Eliana's Light to provide the family with an appropriate stroller to carry Rocio's medical equipment, food during their recent hospital stay, a sachet of organic lavender and a stress ball to help Rocio's parents rest and relax, and assistance with completing an application to access financial support from another non-profit. Eliana's Light also conducted research to find other sources of support for this family within our community.

Celinha Martins, Physical Therapist, Founder of Vida Therapy; one of our Professional Advisors

"I joined this Constellation of Care because I believe in the power of love, hope, caring, and positive thinking. Through the work I do each day with children as a physical therapist, I see the tremendous highs and the deep lows that families experience--the celebrations when a new milestone is reached, and the devastation and desperation that come when the unexpected happens. This non-profit is filling a real need. We're working collaboratively with others in our community to bring families comfort, improve their access to services, and raise awareness on the importance of taking a holistic approach to their health care. I am so thrilled to be a part of this effort, and to help make a positive difference in these families' lives.

Christina, a mom whose family received support from Eliana's Light

“Eliana’s story has touched my heart, and this foundation has been a great help to my family.” Watch this short video during which Christina shares some of the reality of being a mom of a child who has a complex medical condition. "Conversation With A Caregiver: Meet Christina Spencer". 

A mom whose family received support from Eliana's Light

"Life of a single mother of a child with complex needs is an extremely lonely journey. Mental and physical exhaustion from stress and isolation drained me completely. Support received from Eliana’s Light made me feel alive again."

Winn Sams, Doctor of Chiropractic

"Eliana’s Light brings much-needed support to those who are critically ill, and those who are stressed or tired from being a caregiver, through services and therapies that align with true health. The World Health Organization states that “health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Complementary approaches have this definition as their core expression. I am grateful that the mission of Eliana’s Light is to offer gifts of healing to so many in such a difficult and draining time.”

A mom whose family received support from Eliana’s Light

“Eliana's Light is all about integrative care, community, and providing realistic and practical solutions for families. In sum, they get it right. They know what families need and they deliver.”

A mom whose family received support from Eliana’s Light and who now serves as one of our Parent Advisors

“(reflecting on her time with her daughter while her daughter was in-patient for months)…having to be separated from my son and really being conscious of maintaining his normalcy and support his feelings as much as possible while staying strong for my daughter while she fought, in addition to explaining & managing family/friends concerns and emotions. If you fall apart or lose control, everyone does. I have always had empathy for the patients and their families but I now know I never really knew the magnitude of what they were going through being inpatient and when discharged home. The way some of these families are sent home is unimaginable because the level of care I have been giving around the clock alone is beyond overwhelming and isolating to an extent and I am trained. Then you still have to maintain appointments, your home, family, and figure out your work situation. If you can't work and are a single parent…how can you keep insurance? Then the knowledge and support isn't forthcoming to help navigate SSI, Medicaid, and HSCSN. I say all of that to say if I could help just one family I would love to do so and be able to give back because just the love and concern you have given us is priceless and I can't thank you enough. The genuine kindness has helped me to dig just a little deeper when I have felt defeated. I love and respect the holistic work you are doing.”

Our Advisory Committee

A recent evaluation states that our Advisory Committee members collectively value the connections Eliana's Light makes between care providers and families in support of a family's, and each individual member's, whole health.