Re-Gift 2018


Re-gift your gifts, and we'll re-gift your re-gift.

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Received a foot massager you never used? A parent who’s been pacing the halls of the hospital could use it!

  • Bought yoga mats in bulk and you could do with 1 less? A parent and her child could use it to do some stretches while the child is in a physical therapy session.

  • Got a duplicate white noise machine from your baby shower? A hospitalized child would prefer to fall asleep to that than the beeps of medicine machines.

  • Purchased one too many fidget toys, and now you don’t know what to do with them? A young boy who gets regular blood draws could use one to distract him.

  • Received one too many craft sets at your daughter’s birthday party? One could help entertain another young girl who has to endure many long hours in her hospital room.

Contact us if you'd like to re-gift by making an in-kind donation of a new and unopened relaxation-related item you already own! For ideas of items we're looking for, please visit our Amazon Wish List. You can also make a purchase from this Wish List if you'd like!

And now, if you’re in the buying mood, let’s continue with the re-gifting!

  • Buy an Eliana’s Light Mala bracelet or necklace for a loved one from Until Jewelry Designs, and Until Jewelry Designs will re-gift 30% of the cost to help a family Eliana’s Light serves.

  • Buy on Humble, select Eliana’s Light as your preferred charity and Humble will re-gift 10% to Eliana's Light.

  • Share some of the generosity you receive at the holiday party you organize using Evite invitations by asking your guests to give a gift to Eliana's Light. When you're designing your Evite invitation, please click on the "Add Donations" button and write "Eliana's Light" in the box below.

Do You have a talent you'd like to re-gift? 

We welcome your help, your ideas, your feedback, your input, and your time! Please contact us if you'd like to give of your professional expertise or volunteer your time.

Do You Want to Re-Gift a Financial Gift You Once Received? 

We will gladly accept that too! Your financial gift will help us purchase items to include in tailored Eliana's Light Constellation Kits for families with children who have complex medical conditions. Examples of items we've included in these kits to date include: gift certificates to grocery delivery services, gift certificates for a caregiver to get a massage, yoga mats, mandala coloring books, foot massagers, playing cards, lavender sachets, and more. Click here to make a financial re-gift.

Re-gift the gift of someone having done something nice for you when your loved one needed medical attention.

Do something nice for someone whose child is currently receiving medical attention.

Re-gift and give the gift of love and compassion.

Give a child with a complex medical condition and his/her caregivers moments of comfort, distraction, and relaxation.

If you do, we will Recognize You As the Star That You Are! 

We will make you BRILLIANT! You will shine as a star in our constellation of caregivers. The design is in the works...Join our efforts today and you will see your first name in lights!

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All gifts are tax-deductible. For more giving options, please click here