Constellation of Care

Eliana's Light is grateful to the dozens of local medical facilities, integrative and complementary care service providers, funders, and volunteers that are collaborating with us. Working together helps us all better achieve positive impact and fulfill our missions. The following are a few of the bright stars that comprise Constellations of Care within our DC, Maryland and Virginia community.


Local In-Patient Medical Centers

  • Children's National Health System: Eliana's Light makes financial and in-kind contributions to support the development of an integrative care services division at Children's National while raising awareness and understanding on the importance of whole health and integrative care services. For example, Eliana's Light serves on the Community Advisory Committee for the Clinical & Translational Science Institute -- a research partnership between Children's National Medical Center and The George Washington University -- and the Parent Advisory Board for Palliative Care after having served for 4 years also on the Planning Committee for the annual Race for Every Child. We also manage an Integrative Care Services Parent Advisory Committee -- collaborating with staff, parents, and the hospital's administration -- to develop and support demand-driven pilot programs. Over the past two years since its launch, Eliana's Light has given more than $10,000 towards the development of more and a wider range of integrative care services for patients and their caregivers; hundreds of Valentine's Day cards for kids and cookies for caregivers so every child who was in the hospital over Valentine's Day received a card and every caregiver a cookie; hundreds of gift bags for moms and dads so each mom who was at the hospital over Mother's Day and each dad who was at the hospital over Father's Day to care for their child received a gift bag of self-care items and gift certificates; and tailored gift bags to patients and their families who apply for support through our website. We welcome and have received referrals from hospital staff members of families the staff think may be interested in applying for support from Eliana's Light. The hospital's Executive Leadership is committed to integrative care and is working in a multi-disciplinary and results-driven way to organize a structure that coordinates, prioritizes, tracks, and funds integrative care services.

  • HSC Health System, Inova Children’s Hospital, John’s Hopkins Children’s Center, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Georgetown University Hospital, and Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Eliana’s Light collaborates with the Social Work, Child Life, Psychosocial, and community outreach teams at these medical centers. We accept applications from families whose children receive care there; and the hospitals participate in our annual “Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids & Cookies for Caregivers”, “Give A Boost to Moms for Mother’s Day”, and “Give A Boost to Dads for Father’s Day” community service initiatives.

Local Out-Patient Medical Centers

  • Pediatric Specialists of Virginia and Mary’s Center.

Eliana’s Light collaborates with out-patient pediatric medical centers by collaborating with staff members (e.g. community outreach specialists, Medicaid providers, social workers, etc.) to let local families that receive care there know they can apply to receive support from Eliana’s Light.

The Children's Inn at NIH

Eliana's Light is supporting The Children's Inn at NIH in its efforts to respond to family support needs and "reduce the burden of illness through therapeutic, educational, and recreational programming". The Children's Inn at NIH is a "place like home" for children and families participating in groundbreaking research at the National Institutes of Health. To start our collaboration, Eliana's Light donated 40 stress balls to the fathers who were staying at The Children's Inn with their children on Father's Day. Stress balls are a visual representation of the importance of self-care and also serve as a useful relaxation tool. Eliana's Light also regularly provides in-kind donations to children and their caregivers staying at the Inn (e.g., relaxation-type toys and books). In the future, we're planning to support programming within The Children's Inn that relates to the integrative care services. 

Local Non-Profits

We’re grateful for local and regional non-profits with which we’re working closely to provide additional support for families. Examples include: the Lollipop Kids Foundation, Little Lobbyists, the DC Association for Special Education, Advocates for Education and Justice (AJE) in DC, the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) in Virginia, and the Parent Place in Maryland, among others.

Local Businesses

We really appreciate the contributions that dozens of businesses have made to Eliana’s Light so we can collaborative support local families. Examples include: Dunkin’, Fit 4 Mom of Montgomery County, Growing Foods Bakery, Kuli Kuli Foods, and RXBar. The following spotlight pertains to an on-going partnership we have with a local business:

Eliana’s Light is thrilled to be partnering with The Nanny Network in 2019 in order to provider greater support to siblings of children who have complex medical conditions. Through our partnership, The Nanny Network is kindly contributing 20 hours of free child care to families with multiple children who apply for support from Eliana’s Light. Eliana’s Light also supplements additional child care costs as part of the personalized gift bags (i.e., “Constellation Kits”) we give to families, thanks to the generosity of donors who contribute to this effort. Staff of The Nanny Network also contributed to our 2018 “Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids & Cookies for Caregivers” initiative and gave 17 gift cards for us to include in gift bags going to moms who will be in the hospital over Mother’s Day 2019 in order to care for her hospitalized child as part of our “Give A Boost to Mom’s” community service initiative.


Thank you to everyone who has made a financial or in-kind donation, which supports our programming and advocacy work. With your help, we can give Eliana's Light Constellation Kits (i.e., gift bags) to families and offer learning events to children and their caregivers. We are working on a volunteer basis to help local families access integrative care services and supports that help reduce their stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety and/or depression while we advocate for an integrative approach to medical care. Please consider donating or participating in our ongoing Re-Gift campaign today.

Volunteer Stars

  • Girl Scout Troops: We are very thankful to many Girl Scout troops throughout our region who have participated in our service activities. For example, the Girl Scouts of Troop 54 organized a bake sale; made 100 "calm down jars", 100 "focus-on-your-breath" feather sticks, 22 New Year's encouragement cards for children, 49 Valentine's Day cards for children, 33 decorated name tags for children's hospital rooms, and a video on how yoga can help children. They also organized three Paint Night fundraisers and a social media campaign to ask for in-kind donations through Eliana's Light's Amazon Wish List. Thank you so much!

  • Om Shanti Rhi: Thank you, Rhiannon Landesberg and Om Shanti Rhi, for giving us your time and for organizing various initiatives for Eliana's Light. "Ms. Rhiannon" has organized and led 2 yoga fundraisers and also Valentine's Day card making with children from her yoga class at the River School. She also connected us to Until Jewelry Designs, which designed a special Mala necklace and bracelet to raise money for Eliana's Light. Thank you, Rhiannon, for being an amazing yoga and mindfulness instructor to our girls and to hundreds of children throughout the Washington, DC area. Rhiannon is also engaged in a research study at Children's National Medical Center on the impact of yoga.

  • LilOmm: We are tremendously grateful to Pleasance Silicki, founder of #LilOmm, for her generous guidance, time, and efforts in support of Eliana's Light. It was at Pleasance's LilOmm studio where I witnessed the power of yoga to support physical and occupational therapy. Since Eliana's Light started, Pleasance has been an inspirational mentor, creative catalyst, and thoughtful connector. Visit her website to check out her wonderful stress-relief and empowerment sessions for women in the Washington, DC area!

  • Individuals and companies on Eliana's Light's team in the 2017 and 2018 Race for Every Child: We remain so thankful to the dozens of individuals and companies that contribute to our annual team in this Race. Their donations and organizing efforts have led to more than $20,000 in donations to integrative care services at Children's National Medical Center. We would like to especially recognize the individual participants and local companies that have contributed, such as Washington Fine Properties, Om Shanti Rhi, and PlayWellDC.

  • Individuals, organizations and companies that participated in our first 4 annual Valentine's Day Cards for Kids & Cookies for Caregivers initiative: Thanks to the involvement of more than 2,000 volunteers from 6 states, we have collaboratively given home-made cards and cookies to each in-patient at Children's National Medical Center, Inova Children's Hospital, John's Hopkins Children's Center, HSC's Pediatric Center, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, and the Children's Inn at NIH.

  • Individuals, organizations and companies that participated in our 3 “Give A Boost to Moms for Mother’s Day” community service initiative: With the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, businesses, and organizations, we’ve collaboratively given more than 575 gift bags for moms who spent Mother's Day in 2018 and 2019 at one of the following medical centers in our region to care for their hospitalized child: Children's National Medical Center, HSC's Pediatric Center, Inova Children's Hospital, John's Hopkins Children's Center, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and The Children's Inn at NIH. We added Georgetown University hospital and Medstar Washington Hospital Center in 2019. Each mom who was at these medical centers on Mother's Day have received one.

  • Individuals, organizations and companies that participated in our 3 “Give A Boost to Dads for Father’s Day” community service initiative: We were also pleased to provide gift bags to each father who was at a local pediatric medical center over Father’s Day in 2018 and 2018. The gift bags contain gift certificates, stress balls, a protein bar, and other items that help with stress relief. Each father who is anticipated to be at a local participating pediatric hospital will receive one in 2019.


Our Collaborators Connect Families to These Contributions

  • Contact sheets of dozens of local complementary care providers, relevant camps, "Family-Friendly Pharmacies", and local government support services within our DC, MD, and VA region.

  • A compilation of other organizations that may be of interest and help to families with children who have a complex medical condition.

  • A compilation of research related to integrative and complementary care therapies for children.

  • Postings of relevant retreats, workshops, classes, initiatives, and festivals that we thought may be of interest to caregivers.