We hope these resources are helpful to caregivers of children who have complex medical conditions. They are specifically for parents, members of the medical community, and providers of integrative care services. The majority of the services mentioned are for families living in or close to Washington, DC. As Eliana's Light grows, we will add information relevant to families living in other locations.


Complementary Care Providers and Places in Washington, DC

Click here to download a regularly updated contact sheet of yoga studios; acupuncture and meditation centers; energy healers; and more.

Family-Friendly Pharmacies

Click here to download a contact sheet of local family-friendly pharmacies that are familiar with medications for children with complex medical conditions.


Local Governmental & Non-Governmental Programs & Organizations

We compile lists of other organizations and services available based on where you live. In the following section, there are additional options for your consideration.

For DC Families: Please click here for a list that's regularly updated. 

For MD Families: Please click here for a list that's regularly updated.

For VA Families: Please click here for a list that's regularly updated.

Eliana's Light Constellation Kits

Eliana's Light develops and delivers a tailored Light Constellation Kit for each family whose application for support is approved. This Light Constellation Kit will be developed based upon the family's interests and needs; and include complementary care ingredients such as relevant gift certificates, tips on how to create a calming environment, a yoga mat, and a healthy meal. We will only include safe and appropriate relaxation "tools" that caregivers and their kids will use. Click here to learn more. Click here to donate a themed or general Eliana's Light Constellation Kit to a family.



  • Click here to access a list of other organizations and services that can potentially help you.

  • Click here to access a list of organizations and resources specifically related to caring for caregivers.
  • Click here to access lists of research you can read on Integrative Medicine, integrative care services, and complementary care.
  • Click here for physicians to access Dr. Wayne Jonas' HOPE Note for adding integrative health care to a routine doctor's visit.
  • Click here for physicians and parents to access practical tools Dr. Wayne Jonas developed. Examples include: "Provider Pocket Guides" on therapeutic yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutrition; "Your Healing Journey", and "Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing".
  • Click here to access tools parents can use when taking their child to, or while their child is in, the hospital.
  • Click here to access information on medical trauma and stress.
  • Click here for information on environmental hazards and toxins to try to reduce as a caregiver of a child with a complex medical condition.
  • Click here for information on nutrition.
  • Click here for information on non-drug therapies for sleep support, and here for information on how addiction impacts sleep. Both hyperlinks lead to links to additional resources that can help you get better sleep.
  • Click here for websites, apps, websites, apps, CDs, videos, shows, books, and services you might find useful.
  • Click here for information on training opportunities related to integrative care services.
  • Click here for lists of relevant associations, centers, and references.

Eliana's Light's "Conversations With a Caregiver" 

Join us on this journey of learning more about how various complementary and integrative care modalities can support the wellness and well-being of pediatric patients and their caregivers. The following is a list of our online "conversations":

Tip Sheets

  • Click here to access a tip sheet for caregivers of children with complex medical conditions on pediatric massage.
  • Click here to access a tip sheet on mindfulness specifically for caregivers of children who have complex medical conditions.
  • Click here to access tips and tools on financial, legal, and benefits planning for your child.
  • Click here to access an Emergency Preparedness Tip Sheet for Caregivers of Children With Complex Medical Conditions and Disabilities. Click here to access the tip sheet in Spanish.

Please contact us if you recommend we include any other resources! These lists are for information purposes only, as we don't endorse any particular organization or resource.