Eliana's Light

Eliana's Light

integrative care services for children with complex medical conditions & their caregivers


A holistic approach to improving the wellness and well-being of children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers

Eliana's Light, in collaboration with local children’s medical facilities and integrative care providers, improves the wellness and well-being of the entire family by helping to reduce their stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and/or depression.

We have been there; and believe in holistic health care that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Eliana's Light supports children with complex medical conditions and their families, both when they are in the hospital and when they are at home. 

We provide caregivers with resources, information and tools that help them support their child’s and their own wellness and well-being. We aim to relieve caregivers’ feelings of helplessness, which often accompany significant stress and exhaustion. We want caregivers to feel more empowered, balanced, and peaceful so they can most effectively accomplish all they need to while caring for their children. While we can't take away all of the challenges, we want to make the whole family's life experience easier.

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Access information, gifts, and tips for your child and yourself related to ways that can reduce stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression.


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our story

The Ortiz family founded Eliana's Light in honor and loving memory of one of their twin daughters, Eliana Lucia Ortiz.

Integrative health is a state of well-being that reflects aspects of the individual, community, and population. It is affected by 1) individual biological factors and behaviors, social values and public policy; 2) the physical, social, and economic environment; and 3) an integrative health care system that involves the active participation of the individual in the healthcare team in applying a broad spectrum of preventative and therapeutic approaches. Integrative health encourages individuals, social groups, and communities to develop ways of living that promote meaning, resilience, and well-being across the life course.
— The Institute for Integrative Health and the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Medicine