Where We Work

In the hospital

We visit families in the hospital who have applied for support, and we collaborate with pediatric facilities interested in developing or expanding their integrative care services programs in connection with the community. Medical and complementary/integrative care services staff members regularly refer families to Eliana's Light so the families can receive gift bags and connections to other resources.


In the home

We visit families in their homes, or at a convenient place for them, when we deliver their gifts bags and talk. Complementary care specialists, cleaning services, and others also occasionally support families in their homes from gift certificates we provide. If you are a caregiver of a child with a complex medical condition, please download or submit online the grant application. Applications are considered on an on-going basis.

In the community

We organize online and in-person learning events for families on specific topics related to total health and the realities of caring for a child who has a complex medical condition. These gatherings are practical and informative. They also provide families opportunities to meet each other. To learn about upcoming events, please click here.