How we work

Eliana's Light takes a systems-based approach by collaborating with various individuals and organizations in the community where families with children who have complex medical conditions live. We aim to bring these families complementary care services when they are at the hospital and when they are at home. We are currently focused on supporting the development of an Integrative Medicine (IM) program at Children’s National Medical Center to help the hospital cover costs related to providing complementary care services to pediatric patients and their caregivers. In addition, we bring complementary care to families at their homes through the following means...


Light Housekeeping

These families often do not have time nor want to put time towards cleaning the kitchen or bathroom…Our volunteers can help.

Healthy Meals

Our volunteers drop off healthy meals so a family does not have to cook in order to enjoy nutritious, homemade food.


Gift Certificates

Through partnerships and donations, we provide gift certificates to places these families frequent (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.).


Tickets to Events

Many families with children who have complex medical conditions often can’t leave their homes or are restricted as to where they can go. We look forward to working with families and local organizations to find appropriate outings for the family that bring them joy and boost their spirits.

Friendship, Companionship, and Hope

Many volunteers are caregivers or former caregivers of children with complex medical conditions. They understand, as they’ve been there themselves. They look forward to talking with families and providing them emotional support.