What We Do

Eliana's Light supports integrative health for children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers through the provision of integrative care services. We work with a constellation of care providers in the community to support a whole family's access to holistic health care that addresses their bodies, minds, and spirits. We aim to improve their wellness and well-being while reducing their stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression. We have “been there” and believe in the importance of taking a holistic approach that supports and promotes healing.

Eliana's Light serves as a connector and spotlight within a growing constellation of collaborators, linking individuals and organizations while highlighting integrative health in support of families with children who have complex medical conditions.

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What Do We Mean By integrative care services?

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Does Eliana’s Light Provide integrative Care Services Directly?

Serving as a connector between families, medical facilities, community health centers, other non-profits, local businesses, and integrative care practitioners, Eliana's Light provides a family with information, resources, and support. While our team does not provide the integrative care services directly, we connect families to those who do and also contribute to research in these areas.

Additionally, we support families directly by offering them: 

  • contacts of integrative health care providers (to save them the time of having to find and research them); 
  • related resources, information, and tips (to give them guidance based on research and evidence);
  • opportunities to engage in learning events (to offer them in-person and online ways to learn about topics related to integrative health and the reality of supporting a child who has a complex medical condition); and
  • tailored Eliana's Light Constellation Kits, which are gift bags that include items (e.g. gift certificates to local integrative health care providers, supermarkets, or compounding pharmacies; a yoga mat to accompany a child's physical therapy or a caregiver's efforts to recuperate while at home, and distraction toys to help the child during painful procedures) that can improve family members' wellness and wellbeing (to give them tangible ways to reduce their stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression).  

We stay with a family in friendship for as long as they'd like to stay connected to Eliana's Light. When the family's needs change, we help guide them to other support services that are relevant to their needs. While we do not provide technical expertise directly, we assist in connecting caregivers to experts who are part of the Constellation of Care our community provides.

Eliana’s Light brings much-needed support to those who are critically ill, and those who are stressed or tired from being a caregiver, through services and therapies that align with true health. The World Health Organization states that “health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Complementary approaches have this definition as their core expression. I am grateful that the mission of Eliana’s Light is to offer gifts of healing to so many in such a difficult and draining time.
— Winn Sams, Doctor of Chiropractic

Does Eliana’s Light Help Children and their Caregivers At a Medical Facility?

Eliana’s Light is supporting the development of an Integrative Care Services Division at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC and supporting integrative care services at The Children's Inn at NIH and Mary's Center. Beyond providing financial and non-financial (e.g. in-kind gifts, family referrals, co-organization and promotion of learning events, co-development of "tip sheets", etc.) support to integrative care programming at these medical facilities, Eliana's Light provides support directly to families that receive care at these locations. We also contribute to and help coordinate committees of committed individuals who are interested in working collaboratively to bring integrative care services that are safe and appropriate to children and their caregivers in our community.

Why Does Eliana's Light Focus on Integrative Care services?

Integrative care services can reduce the stress, pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression that many children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers often experience.

Children who have complex medical conditions often require regular treatments and procedures such as blood draws, transfusions, surgeries, chemotherapy, and shots, among many others. They sometimes have to endure these procedures multiple times a day, in the middle of the night, for a long duration, and from various people they don’t know. These experiences can be horrendously scary, painful, and stressful for both the child and his/her caregiver.

Stress -- especially constant stress and stress that is compounded by pain, fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression – can make existing conditions worse and cause new conditions to form. Click here to access a list of relevant research

We’ve been there. As parents of a child who had a complex medical condition, the founders of Eliana’s Light know intimately what children with complex medical conditions and their caregivers go through. We want to help relieve their suffering, improve their quality of life, and make their life experience easier. Please click the hyperlinks to learn more about the founders and others involved in Eliana’s Light.

There are complementary and integrative care service providers available and interested in helping children and their caregivers in local communities…they often though are not connected to a local hospital or the families that can benefit from their help.

Complementary and integrative health care services also tend to be too expensive for many families to afford, as most insurance companies do not yet cover them. Many medical facilities also do not yet offer significant integrative care services or have an Integrative Medicine (IM) program. We want to make integrative care services more accessible as part of our effort to improve the wellness and well-being of the whole family. We believe in the importance of necessary medicine and medical procedures—complementary health care and integrative care services work alongside standard medical practice. Click here to access a contact list of some integrative care service providers and locations in the Washington, DC area. 

We provide caregivers information, resources, and tools they can use to support their child’s and their own wellness and well-being.

We want to relieve caregivers’ feelings of helplessness, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion and help them feel more empowered, helpful, and peaceful. While we can’t take away all of the challenges, we support caregivers (often alongside their children) via integrative health care approaches that can help make their and their child(ren)’s experience easier. We work in collaboration with trained complementary and integrative health care providers and medical staff, and encourage caregivers to work directly with their child’s medical team to co-develop an appropriate and safe integrative care program for the child.

Please click here to apply for support if you are a caregiver of a child with a complex medical condition, or if you are a medical practitioner or complementary/integrative care service provider applying on behalf of a family.

What Are Eliana's Light's Goals for 2018?

We invite your engagement and collaboration in 2018 as we:

  • bring more integrative care services to more families in our region while connecting them to resources that can support them.
  • raise awareness on and enhance understanding in integrative care services and holistic health care approaches that facilitate, support and promote wellness and well-being.
  • connect to collaborators that want to work synergistically with us to build an evidence base of effective integrative care approaches for children and their caregivers.

Eliana's Light serves as a connector and spotlight within this growing constellation of collaborators, linking individuals and organizations while highlighting integrative health in support of families with children who have complex medical conditions.